The golden Viennese heart – legendary, celebrated, oft-quoted, idealised, candy pink, deep black, inscrutable, maudlin, cheeky and sentimental – beats passionately for the tales of the city of Vienna.

Design from and with Vienna – to give away, use and collect.

Since 2010 the brand of the same name reinterprets the City’s clichéd image in witty ways by producing a design collection of regional production that both rediscover and reanimate a slowly fading spirit.

Founded togehter with Ursula Meyer DAS GOLDENE WIENER HERZ® are now Veronika Janele and Alexander Dworsky: "We always search for authentic ready mades, for a "multilayered" story and for the specific Viennese style. ...

The legend of the "golden Viennese heart", ranging from charming cozyness to mean wiliness, lent it's name to our brand and is a starting piont and inspiration for our design as well.

Some links, showing those different aspects (in German, sorry ;-):

... and beyond this, there are always Gold and Hearts!

The manufacturing we try to keep local, working with traditional firms in Vienna, Austria and our nearest neighborhood. Also in coherent and functional packaging, whitch is an essential part of our concept.

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We'd be glad to see you there!"